2020 Election Resources

Here at CWTA, we want the women of Chicago to be as informed as possible as they head to the polls in the coming weeks. We have assembled a list of resources and voting guides below, including resources for judicial evaluations. Independent Voters of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization League of…

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Not a great day with the loss of two long time women stalwarts (McCaskill and Heidcamp) – but still a very good day for women and their families

The federal House of representatives was wrested away from those who would end women’s control of reproduction and oppose equal and a raise in minimum wages to a livable amount For the first time in history 100 women will serve in the house of representatives…Not yet representative of the half…

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ICE aids and abets femicide in Central America

“A lot of people believe they are free because they are not detained or imprisoned, but they’re locked inside their hearts and minds.”

 –Yesica, 22, detained by ICE since 2016

I first heard the word “gaslighting” in reference to Trump, throwing off scrutiny by denigrating those who question his actions. Like many, once I knew the word I could start identifying countless big and small ways I have let myself be duped, belittled, and lied to, by people close to me as well as by public leaders. I have subordinated my own understanding and knowledge to the claims of authorities. 

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Why Courts Matter

If you think that the only Trump court appointments to worry about are to the Supreme Court…think again! Not to demean the importance of the Supremes by any means, but the Supreme Court hears only about 100 cases each year. The lower federal courts consist of 12 Circuits (Illinois is part of the 7th) with 179 appointed Circuit judicial seats and 686 District judicial seats. All (let me repeat that, ALL) of these judicial seats, when there is a vacancy, are presidential nominations with a hearing and vote in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and then a floor vote by the full Senate. And, like the nine justices of the Supreme Court, these judges also hold lifetime appointments. 

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