Board of Directors:

Chair: Jacky Grimshaw

Co-Vice Chairs:
Betty Magness
Judith Kossy

Treasurer: Mary Ann  Johnson

Secretary: Laura Saltzman

Jane Baldinger
Mary Driscoll
Caroline Gibbons
Jacky Grimshaw
Donna Gutman
Mary Ann Johnson
Carole Levine
Betty Magness
Maaria Mozaffar
Jane Ramsey
Berta Requena
Deb Rosenberg
Laura Saltzman
Holly Wollesen

Ex-officio Directors:
Ann Breen-Greco
Marilyn Katz

Committees and Chairs:

Governmental: Co-Chairs Jacky Grimshaw and Betty Magness

Focuses on activities to protect our democracy–ensuring that the right to vote is protected by registering new voters, protecting free speech, and ensuring the right to freely assemble and access to the Internet are not curtailed.

Gun Violence Prevention and Police Accountability: Co-Chairs Jane Ramsey and D. Clancy

Contributes to these issues by supporting sensible legislation at all levels of government; ensuring that the Department of Justice consent decree regarding Chicago Police Department reform is carried out; working with community groups and presenting speakers on these issues; increasing public and private investment in economically disadvantaged communities; and informing the CWTA general membership about them so that they can take educated action.

Healthcare: Co-Chairs Mary Driscoll and Deb Rosenberg

Works in the movement for universal health care; focusing on health equity, standing for women’s health and reproductive justice, and opposing cuts in the ACA, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Immigration: Co-Chairs Maaria Mozaffar and Donna Gutman

Carries out CWTA’s goal of ensuring immigrants and their families are treated with dignity and respect. Our mission is to inform, harness, and engage the Chicago community to enact policy changes which include reviewing the operation and procedures of ICE, reviewing conditions of detention centers in Illinois, and decrying blatant assaults on immigrant families by this administration.

Membership: Co-Chairs Caroline Gibbons and Jane Baldinger

Dedicated to attracting new people and assisting CWTA programs by enhancing overall membership. Join us to develop strategies for engaging existing members and to develop outreach strategies for recruiting women across the age, racial, economic and geographic sectors, and to expand our influence by reaching out to our MOCs and enlisting other groups to adopt parts of our agenda.