Who are we?

Chicago Women Take Action (CWTA) is a group of women united in the commitment to achieve women’s leadership and economic and social equality. We are activists of all ages (many of us belong to several organizations) working on the local, national and international level to promote women leaders and secure the health and well being of women, their families, and their communities.

We are committed to:

  • Acting together on issues of importance  – at the national, local and state level, in politics and in direct action.
  • Providing a place where women can learn about issues more fully, and develop strategies and tactics.
  • Having a place that nurtures and prepares women political leaders (for election as well as in life).
  • Mentoring younger women and demonstrating leadership skills.
  • Combining the seriousness of confronting injustice with a sense that life must be joyful and celebratory of friendships and more.

The issues that many women care about include, but are not limited to, gun violence, reproductive rights, protecting democracy, income inequality/equal wages to the ERA, voting rights, minimum wage increase and fair employment conditions.

Our activities include:

  • Working on issues of concern for action (in and out of the electoral arena).
  • Developing and aiding women candidates for elective office.
  • Creating a strong women’s agenda and voice in Chicago, through public forums.

We meet monthly to discuss our Women’s Agenda, and we organize and attend events throughout the year across the city.