Time to Say Good Bye – Mother Price Will Be Missed

A sad day has come for Englewood and all of Chicago.  For six days a week — come rain, shine, heat or blizzard — “Mother” Betty Price had been feeding, clothing and helping the needy in Englewood.  She has passed away and is now being mourned by those she served and people all across Chicago.  She had been running this program since 1988,  the only soup kitchen in Englewood, with a handful of donors and volunteers. 

Often hungry as a child Betty Price, affectionately known as “Mother Price”, promised herself that her own family would always have enough to eat and clothing to wear and that  she would do all she could to help provide for those around her that were hungry and cold. In the mid-1960s Mother Price left her job of 23 years and began feeding and clothing people out of her own home. Mother Price’s outreach to the community quickly grew and she realized that she had found her mission in life.

In 1997 she acquired the old meat packing facility at 1234 West 59th Street. She renovated the old plant and moved her program, “Feed, Clothe, and Help the Needy (FCHN)” in. Her outreach has grown ever since. She has fed over 1000 hungry men, women and children per week. In addition to the homeless men and women she fed and clothed, since 2008 the economic recession added many working poor to her mission. Mother Price had been an advocate for the poor and hungry, often appearing on local television to push for more awareness and aide for those in need in her community. Englewood is one of the poorest communities in Chicago. Life in the community is a daily struggle for survival for many. 

CWTA was privileged to be able to provide a donation to Mother Price when donations dropped off due to COVID.   She continued using her own money to ensure people were taken care of.  Rest in peace, dear Mother Price.   You not only took care of physical needs, you touched the hearts of many.   Chicago has lost a guiding star.   We urge everyone to continue donations to FCHN to honor Mother Price’s legacy and continue her work.