CWTA Remembers Leon Finney

I met Leon Finney when I was 19 years old and organizing women in Uptown around housing and welfare rights (poverty being a women’s issue). Leon was doing the same at The Woodlawn Organization (TWO) and through marches with King, the Coordinating Council of Community Organizations, a bond between all the activists for social justice of that day.

Schooled by Saul Alinsky in organizing, inspired by a fierce passion for justice, always prepared to fight for what he believed right, always ready to mobilize people for whatever needed to be done — and never afraid of the opposition — he will be sorely missed. 

CWTA owes him a special debt. Whenever we did an event, needed security, needed help, we always turned to Leon first because he would never say “Why” but always say “How can I help”. There is not an activist, a community organizer, a fighter for justice that is not — whether they know or not — standing on the shoulder of this man who will be missed. — Marilyn Katz