Economic Justice as the Path to Equality

CWTA stands with all the families who have suffered at the hands of systemic racism that permeates this country. Many of those families and thousands of others made their voices heard on the 57th anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King “I have a dream“ speech. The grief and pain that was shown there represents the collective pain across this country of members of the Black community who have for decades suffered despite the passage of the Civil Rights Act following the Dr. Martin Luther King speech. There are those who have used this pain and suffering in order to commit violent acts which play into the hands of those who do not seek change in America. We condemn the provocateurs and right-wing extremists who incite riots and further create divisiveness in our country with a law-and-order theme. We must all work together to end the systemic racism that promotes police brutality. Our fight to end racism must include economic justice for those formerly and currently disenfranchised. This is the only path to real equality. Without addressing this, communities like Kenosha throughout the country will continue to suffer and our country will remain divided with an unequal system of justice.