From Census Counts:

Last night, the Census Bureau issued a statement that notes that The Census Bureau “will end field data collection by September 30, 2020.” It continues that “self-response options will also close on that date to permit the commencement of data processing.”

Meanwhile more than 40% of Chicagoans have failed to respond. The Census Bureau will also end the practice of knocking on doors – an effort that was to begin in August in Chicago.

CWTA will join this Join a Census Project sign on letter:

Please note the request to sign a group letter urging Congress to extend the statutory deadlines for Census activities – that deadline is Wednesday, August 5. Signatures from individuals are also being accepted. Please respond to this sign-on opportunity by COB Wednesday, August 5.

Below we are sharing information from the Census Counts Project of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights:

If other organizations in your network (national, state or local) would like to sign this letter, please complete this form.

We are sharing this with you for two reasons:  (1) COVID-19 forced delays in door-to-door Census follow-up, one of the many dislocations caused by the pandemic; and (2) failure to extend count activities will lead to a serious undercount of many of the people most harshly affected by COVID and its consequences. This will result in underfunding of education, health, and many other programs they need for the next decade.

This news raises the urgency of our collective action.

The need is for Congress to extend the reporting deadlines for apportionment and redistricting.

Forcing the U.S. Census Bureau to rush the census in the middle of a pandemic will result in reflecting a less diverse and inaccurate portrait of America. This would skew Congressional representation, redistricting, and critical funding for every state in the country.  

Last night, Vanita Gupta published an OpEd on this in the Washington Post, you can read the OpEd here.