CWTA Statement— DACA

CWTA celebrates the Supreme Court Decision to reject Donald Trump’s cynical attempt to deny Dreamers their right to live in this nation as full living working residents and actual or future citizens with the right to vote.

From our inception in 2014, as an organization of women committed to equality and justice, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and full immigration reform that promises asylum from tyranny and a path to citizenship for all immigrants, whatever their nation of origin, for the immigrants that come from all countries that assures a path to citizenship, if so desired, have been part of our agenda.

Except for the Native Americans, whose lands our forefathers took, we are a nation made up of only immigrants and their descendants from countries across the globe. Diversity is our nation’s strength and we celebrate it.

Thus we celebrate the Supreme Court decision that has yielded relief to the millions of “Dreamers” who feared that this hard-won program might be lost. That said, we see the decision for what it is – a foundation upon which to fight for and build an immigration policy that embraces diversity and lives up to the promise of freedom and opportunity that the Statute of Liberty once represented to the world.