Not a great day with the loss of two long time women stalwarts (McCaskill and Heidcamp) – but still a very good day for women and their families

  • The federal House of representatives was wrested away from those who would end women’s control of reproduction and oppose equal and a raise in minimum wages to a livable amount
  • For the first time in history 100 women will serve in the house of representatives…Not yet representative of the half of the population that we are (but good and historic)
  • American health-care (ACA), women’s right to choose, the environment and immigrants rights just got a bit more protection
  • Former felons had their voting rights restored
  • Beto O’Rourke came within a hair’s breath of defeating one of the most anti-woman/anti-family/anti-immigrant political in the nation
  • Two progressive African-American men were elected to the office of attorney general in their states (Raoul- IL/Ellison-Minn)
  • Stacy Abrams made history as an African-American in her run for Georgia governor
  • And in Illinois, we removed at least two reactionary congressmen and a governor.

What did we learn – To keep learning, marching, voting and unified —