Zero Tolerance of Family Separation Is Un-American: A Call To Action

The Trump administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy contradicts and undermines America’s stance in the world as a bastion of democracy and opportunity.

The Trump administration’s policy and practice on border entries has turned asylum seekers into law breakers; the criminalization of a non-criminal act has resulted in the separation of families that is itself a criminal violation of human rights.

The separation of children from their parents during prosecution and jailing is both a violation of due process and, as testified by the Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association, “state sanctioned child abuse.”

In June, a Federal District Court ordered the Trump administration to reunify 2,700 children separated under the Zero Tolerance Policy. To date there are still 700 children who have not been reunited, 400 whose parents have already been deported, and 90 whose parents cannot be located at all. By their initial and subsequent actions, the Trump administration has not only failed to protect these children, but in fact put them in harm’s way and subjected them to trauma.

As Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois stated on record at the July 31st Senate Judiciary Committee hearing: “Somebody must take responsibility.” We join Senator Dick Durbin’s call for the Trump administration to end its Zero Tolerance Policy. We also call for the resignation of Kristjen Nielsen, The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Finally, we demand that families not only be united, but that they be allowed to remain in the United States while their claims are being heard. To do anything else is inhuman, unjust, and consigns many to certain death or abuse in the countries from which they have fled.

What YOU can do to reaffirm the Zero Tolerance Policy of Family Separation is un-American:

  1. Contact your Congressional Representatives and ask them to:
  2. Call for the termination of Trump administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy.
  3. Call for the resignation of DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen.
  4. Demand the ending of deportation until full due process hearings have been held.

Write your local newspapers. Reach out to civil rights, religious groups, women’s organizations, parents’ organizations, and to any others who care about democracy in this nation.


Maaria Mozaffar Chicago Women Take Action, Immigration Committee Co-Chair
Principal Attorney, The Law Office of Maaria Mozaffar
Legislative Attorney, Cair Chicago
Founder, Skinless Project