Like Minded Spirits Share Stories during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Chicago Women Take Action outreach committee event regarding Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention. (Wanting to build bridges in other communities). This outreach was originally inspired by Ann Breen-Greco and her friendship with the very dynamic Joyce Chapman. It was fabulous:  

What a wonderful morning –  CWTA’s second outreach event, last Friday at Metropolitan Family Services.  Dr. Yvonne Wilson, moderated quite a program on Sexual Assault and at the onset warmly and adamantly assured participants that, ‘no one would leave the facility opened up emotionally,’ without being provided the support that they needed. The bravery of those who told personal stories was heartbreaking as well as inspiring. We were pleasantly encouraged by the presence of so many concerned and supportive men. That says so much about what has been established in this vibrant community.

Joyce Chapman appeared to have an amazing crowd of like minded spirits on the panel and in the audience. Women Empowered for Civic Engagement participated with Anrah Foundation and two of the 5th District Police Officers who work with victims of sexual abuse. These female officers experience and concerns deeply impact their work with other officers and desire to train and educate. We were touched by everyone and particularly noted the line that Jennifer Gonzales (of the Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Division of Cook County State’s attorney’s Office) provided: “Assault is the Murder of the human spirit impacting one’s sense of innocence, dignity, independence and belief in others.” 

Any time we hear those words, “I believe you” our eyes would start to well. Women and children, deserve to be heard and believed.

Ashley Bush the MFS Mental Health Practitioner and Harold Davis, the dynamic radio host of Amer-I Can lent their expertise; and our CWTA’s Carole Levine presented a simply, perfect clarion call that awareness of sexual abuse is a cultural movement and we are ALL in it together.

We would very much like to see if we can work together on various aspects of our shared issues and missions as they intersect in our communities and across the state. We would just like to stay connected.

Jane Baldinger
Presence Committee Chair
Chicago Women Take Action