Justice for Women – At Last

Justice was served today in the Bill Cosby trial.  It is our hope that this major victory means a profound difference for women who are victims of sexual assault.  Despite how she was vilified Andrea Constand subjected herself to a second trial in order to seek justice and we are grateful for the other five women who had the courage to testify. It is hoped that all his other victims feel vindicated and that they have finally been heard. It is very important to know that there was expert testimony regarding sexual assault that played a major part in this trial despite a witness who claimed that Andrea made up a claim of  sexual assault for monetary gain. The jury chose to believe Andrea. We are profoundly grateful to the advocacy organizations who work tirelessly for the survivors.  Let us continue to work hard to support women who are victims as they come forward.

Caroline W. Gibbons
Steering Committee
Chicago Women Take Action