Our position: eliminating sexual harassment, abuse and assault

Despite the focus on sexual harassment and the number of men who have been ousted from their positions of power, women are already concerned that the discussion may be a moment and not a movement. There is already push back, disrespect, and denigration with regard to some of the allegations or to the overall issue.  Despite the millions of women who have spoken out through #MeToo and other social media outlets, many millions still lack a voice—women farm workers, women in hospitality and service industries, women in factories. CWTA stands with all women who are subjected to this form of  long-standing systemic abuse. The only thing that will bring about change is when women mobilize to become the policy makers, corporate managers and legislators.  Women need to be the broadcasters, managers and legislators instead of the ones having to bring charges of sexual harassment against the powerful men who can make or break their careers. Only when women fill these roles will a real change happen.  And it will take a unified movement of women and men supporters to bring about this change. Otherwise we will remain mired in the cycle of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault with only brief respites, as a few men are removed from their positions of power. This time it must change.