WATCH: and CWTA Chicago activism featured on ABC-7 News

Here’s a simple example of how volunteers connect through ideas and move actions forward.  Inspired by the WomensMarch and its local Womens March on Chicago, Karen Goldman wanted to get involved but was daunted by the many flavors of  protest and political organizing going on in Chicago. Where to start? Since she saw no solution, she took it upon herself to create as a clearinghouse for protest and activist events. She reached out to CWTA and we reached back, introducing her to others who might be looking for a similar solution. When her effort found its way to Janet Davies at ABC7 News, Karen mentioned CWTA’s #SavemyCare event. Thanks, Karen! Meanwhile she’s connected to Chicago’s activist tech community at ChiHackNight to help her customize her idea and connect with others thinking the same way.  From tiny seeds big ideas can grow. Look for more to come. Here’s the clip.