Chicago Action Today: #reclaimrecess

Join us, @indivisiblechicago and many others today as we #reclaimrecess! Meeting congressional leaders on their home turf to express our concerns or voice our support is one of the most effective ways to invoke change and sustain progress. Click THIS LINK  to find your district’s leader and specific thoughts for messages to send them on their leadership.  #indivisibleguide #takeaction #democracy #reclaimrecess #strongertogether #civics101

For CWTA, here’s a key one to join

JanFan Rally at Broadway Armory
When: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Where: 3:00 PM
Representative Jan Schakowsky
5533 N Broadway St.
Chicago, IL

For a complete list of the 18 district actions throughout Illinois on 2/23, please visit

What to do when you are there

Wanted: Cell Phone recordings of people in your district telling us why you protest. If you are a CWTA member also use the hash #CWTA on your sign if you bring one or mention CWTA in your video.

We are hoping to put a face and story to the people showing up at their representative’s office. If you have a cell phone, are you willing to record interviews with people at protests, office visits, and town hall meetings across the state? We would like to make a short video representing our Indivisible movement in Illinois.

Once again, CWTA members let your voices be heard. Make a video.

A few requests: 1) use landscape (turn your phone sideways) when recording and

2) make sure you are turned away from any loud noises so that we can hear your interview

3) finally, think about what is being recorded behind the interviewee and adjust accordingly. If you forget all this…send us your video anyway.

Please send all videos to: