1.21.17 Womens March — it’s time!

For WMWillinois, the buses from Chicago and Illinois are on their way to DC. At last count Illinois had sent at minimum 70 there. Folks were trying to add new buses as late as Friday afternoon. For Womens March on Chicago, after two location changes, the route has been finalized.
hashes for all marches: #womensmarch .
Marching in Chicago #womensmarchChi .
Marching in DC from Chicago and Illinois #WMWIllinois #womensmarchIL #Illinoismarchers .
Other hashes #hearourvoice#whyIMarch .

Chicago Women Take Action, CWTA
Chicago Women Take Action — the frontline of the local womens agenda #CWTA
Twitter: @ChicagoWTA
CWTA on Facebook

The Womens March on Washington | Illinois, #IllinoisMarchers on DCThe Womens March on Chicago
WEBSITE: Womens March on Washington | IllinoisWEBSITE: The Womens March on Chicago
FACEBOOK PAGE: They have an event, a page and groups. Get started here.FACEBOOK PAGE: Womens March on Chicago 
TWITTER: @wmwillinois TWITTER: @womensmarchchi
HASH: #WMWIllinois #IllinoisMarchersHASH: #WomensMarchChi
Here’s the Mothership that started it all. Womens March on Washington . Read the Unity Principles