We did it!

On October 18, 2014, nearly 200 women of all ages gathered to begin the process of creating a Chicago Women’s Agenda. A grassroots project of Chicago Women Take Action, the Women’s Assembly was open to all women and organizations with a focus on women’s issues.

The Assembly began at 8:30 and ended at 2:00 pm. From the beginning, the energy level was high. Participants were focused, serious, and determined, but the room was also filled with warmth, friendship, and occasional levity. Attendees were clearly passionate about the issues being discussed – and their passions were both fueled and tempered by research, intellectual rigor, thoughtfulness, and a desire for action, not just talk.

Everyone’s participation, thoughts, and conversations made the day a great experience for all. It was especially exciting to see the diversity of women who want to work together to forge a unified voice and a better Chicago (Illinois) (nation).

Click here to learn more about the Assembly’s three Ps: Preparation, Process, and Partners.

What’s next? The outcomes of the Assembly have been integrated into a coherently written Women’s Agenda reflecting all that was agreed to and proposals for further steps. We will draft a proposal to hold a jointly sponsored candidates forum  in the run up to the city elections this winter. We will continue the dialogues we started and keep networking with each other’s organizations. And we will keep everyone apprised of our actions and future activities via this website, our social media channels, and perhaps an e-newsletter of some sort.

Thank you to everyone who has already taught us so much through their perspectives and comments.It’s exciting to think about where the journey will take us next!