Support for Economic Parity


The members of Chicago Women Take Action are united in their support of economic parity for women. As a starting benchmark, we look to these policies that encourage financial security of families. We might not agree with the details, but we support these ideas in broad brushstrokes.


  1. Raise the minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour;

    Research: More than two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women and (62%) of voters and a majority (67%) of women believe this would help close the wage gap.

  2. Make it harder for employers to pay women employees less than men for similar work;

    Research: Raise the minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour; Support is high among women (66% favor) but has strong support among men as well (57%) A majority of Independents (58% and Republican women (51%) support it.

  3. Guarantee workers the ability to earn paid sick time for routine illnesses like the flu or to get medical care;

  4. Create a family and medical leave insurance fund, paid for by contributions from workers and their employers to give workers a portion of their wages when they need to take leave from work when they or a loved one is seriously ill or they need to care for a new baby.

    Research: Voters support the Family and Medical Leave Act (63%) A majority of Independent women (61%) support it. Among Republican women, support is even higher (55%)

The research cited is recent polling and focus groups conducted by American Women, the 501(c)4 research arm of Emily’s List. Their research indicates that 60% of all voters are likely to support candidates who support these policies.